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Mission Statement

The Fermilab Particle Physics Division advances the understanding of matter, energy, space and time by managing resources and providing support for researchers who conduct scientific research at the intensity, energy, and cosmic frontiers of high energy physics.

Research Programs

PPD Departments

Current Experiments

Collider Experiments

  • US CMS, the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment, is located at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and started taking data in March, 2010. The U.S. collaboration is making significant contributions to nearly every aspect of the detector throughout all phases, including construction, installation and preparation for data-taking.

Neutrinos from the Main Injector (NuMI)

  • MINOS, E-875, is the Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search, the initial experiment for which the NuMI Facility was designed. Data-taking began in 2005.
  • MINERvA, E-938, Main Injector Neutrino ExpeRiment ν-A, is located in the Minos Underground Area and started taking data March, 2010.

Booster Neutrino Experiments (BooNE)

  • Mini BooNE, E-944/898, the Mini Booster Neutrino Experiment, is located at the end of an off-shoot of the 8GeV line. The first beam induced neutrino events were detected in September, 2002, and the first anti-neutrino events were detected in January of 2006.

Switchyard 120 GeV Beamlines Experiments (SY120)

  • SeaQuest, stands for Something is a Drell-Yenn experiment, located in the Neutrino Beamline, and started taking data in Month 2011.
  • FTBF, is the Fermilab Test Beam Facility, located in the Meson Beamline, and has been operating since Month, 2005. For a complete listing of test beam experiments see the FTBF Website.

Astrophysics Experiments

Research & Development

  • ArgoNeuT, liquid Argon Neutrino Test, is a joint NSF/DOE R&D project at Fermilab to expose a small scale liquid Argon TPC (time projection chamber) detector to the NuMi beam.
  • NOνA, the NuMI Off axis νμ→ νe Appearance experiment, T-1013, searchs for νμ→ νe oscillations using a liquid scintillator detector.
  • COUPP is the Chicagoland Observatory for Undergroud Particle Physics, a dark matter detector experiment located in the MINOS Tunnel just upstream of the MINOS Hall.
  • DAMIC stands for DArk Matter In CCDs, and is another dark matter detector experiment located in the MINOS Tunnel. It is a test-of-concept in using liquid-nitrogen-cooled CCDs as a detector for low mass WIMPs.
  • For a complete listing of all Test Experiments see the Detector R&D Website.

Future Experiments

Past Experiments

  • CDF, E-924, the Collider Detector at Fermilab, is located in the B0 area of the Tevaton, and started taking data in 2002.
  • D0, E-925, the D Zero Detector is located in the D0 area of the Tevatron and started taking data in 2002.
  • Sci BooNE, E-954, the SciBar Booster Neutrino Experiment, was located at the end of an off-shoot of the 8GeV line. The first events were detected in June, 2007.
  • MIPP, E-907, the Main Injector Particle Production Experiment was to verify a general scaling law of hadronic fragmentation, to measure particle production of a NUMI target using 120 GeV/c protons with sucient accuracy to predict the NUMI neutrino spectrum, and to measure proton nucleus cross sections for the purposes of proton radiography.
  • DONUT, E-872, the Direct Observation of NU Tau
  • HyperCP, E-871, a very high-rate spectrometer which accumulated, in the 1997 and 1999 fixed target running periods, one of the largest data sets every recorded by a particle physics experiment,searching for asymmetries between matter and antimatter, or CP violation, in charged-Xi and Lambda hyperon decays, as well as for rare and forbidden hyperon and kaon decays.
  • KTeV, E-832/799, the Kaons at the TeVatron, the search for direct CP violation in 2 pi decays and Rare decays of the neutral kaon.
  • FOCUS, E-831, was a heavy-flavor photoproduction experiment located in the Wide Band Area of Fermilab. The experiment accumulated data during the 1996-1997 fixed target run.
  • SeLeX, E-781, the Segmented Large X baryon Spectrometer was a fixed target experiment at Fermilab designed to make high statistics studies of charm baryons.

For a complete list of Fermilab Experiments and Projects click here.


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