The 1ns TDC used for Hyper K TPC


2014 Undergraduate Lecture: Rotations2014a.pdf, Rotations2014a.pptx


2014 IEEE Real Time Conference: UnevenBinWidth2014paper1a.doc, UnevenBinWidth2014paper1a.pdf, UnevenBinWidth2014talk1a.pptx, UnevenBinWidth2014talk1a.pdf, Lecture2014a.pptx, Lecture2014a.pdf


2013 Undergraduate Lecture: WavePhenomena2013b.pdf, WavePhenomena2013b.pptx


FPGA Based TDC: A Convenient Digitization Scheme and its Applications beyond Time Measurements: TDCapp2013a.pdf


Jinyuan Wu’s CV: res_2011.txt


NSS2012: TrapezCLK1b.pdf


NSS 2011: SingleSlopeADC_talk11a.pptx, BML_Digitization11c.pptx


Wave Union TDCs in C3 Starter Kit:,


TWEPP 2011: LowPowerTDC.pptx, LowPowerWUTDC_paper11c.pdf


A preferable scheme of multi-sampling TDC: MultiSampleTDC1.pdf, SyncStartStopRippleCounter.pdf


PET Lectures: HUST_Lect1.pptx, HUST_Lect2.pptx, HUST_Lect1.ppt.pdf, HUST_Lect2.ppt.pdf


BLM Analysis: NML_BLM2.xlsx


The SeaQuest Trigger:

The SeaQuest TDC:

The SeaQuest TDC part for trigger module:

The SeaQuest TDC: SeaQuestTDC1.pptx


Presentation in Taiwan Tsing Hua University Talk1_NTHU.ppt


IHEP Short Course: ShortCourseIHEP10.doc, Talk1.ppt

KePu: KePu2010Talk.ppt,


FTK: FTK_TTF_Jan2010.ppt


NSS/MIC09: CoincidencePET_abs09.doc, CoincidencePET_abs09.pdf

NSS/MIC09: FPGATDC_abs09.doc, FPGATDC_abs09.pdf

TDC 18 Ch data sheet: DataSheet09a.pdf


RT09: RT09_short_course.ppt, ICT_talk.ppt

RT09: FPGA_TDC_miniTalk09.ppt, FPGA_TDC_paper09.doc, FPGA_TDC_poster09.ppt

RT09: FPGA_Computing_talk09.ppt, FPGA_Computing_paper09.doc


IIT Seminar: IIT_talk.ppt

Coincidence Module in LBNL:  PET_Coincident2.ppt

Wave Union TDC LBNL Talk: WaveUnionTDC_LBNL.ppt

Wave Union TDC, (Renamed from Wavelet TDC): PID765918.pdf, MIPP_TOF_TDC.doc

Wavelet TDC: WaveletTDC.ppt, WaveletTDC_abs08.pdf


NSS07 Refresher Course, Supplemental Materials:

Screen A: NSS_refresher_course_A.ppt Screen B: NSS_refresher_course_B.ppt

Screen A: Adv_Topics_FPGA_A.ppt Screen B: Adv_Topics_FPGA_B.ppt

Poster: FPGA_ADC_TDC_poster07.ppt CR Paper: FPGA_ADC_TDC_paper07.pdf


RT07: BLM_RT07.doc, ET02_talk.ppt, FESP201.doc, FESP201.pdf, FESP201_talk.ppt



MIPP: MIPP_FPGA_TDC.pdf, TDCdetails.ppt, MIPP_TDC_apr2007.ppt

Short Course:, CompactFPGAdesign.pdf, ResourceSaving.ppt


NSS06:, ELMS_abs06.pdf, ELMS_paper06.doc, TrkFit_abs06.pdf, TrkFit_paper06.doc, TTFcurv_abs06.pdf, TTFcurv_paper06.pdf, TTFcurv_paper06.doc


Control Card doc:


Digitizer Card Integration, Op Guide: Intg1.doc, DCopGuide.doc, Sums03_current.bst

Digitizer Card Mapping: DCMapping.doc, Reconfiguration: DCreconfig.doc, at17lv002a.pdf


4th Work Shop … SLHC: SLHC1.ppt, SLHC2.ppt

Handout: TTF_paper05_vFeb06.pdf ; unfinished: TTF_curv05.doc


MA20: MT


C5: abstract and summary: C5_abs05.pdf 

      paper to do: C5_IEEE.doc


T quark mass: Calculate the Top Quark Mass.htm


Parasitic event building: EvtBld_abs05.doc ; Paper: EvtBld_paper05_vFeb06.pdf

TTF real time 05:  TTF_abs05.doc ; Paper: TTF_paper05_vFeb06.pdf


PDCB issues:  L1Jan2005.ppt


Low Pt: lowPt.ppt, lowpt_lecc2004p.pdf

Mydeser: DeserFPGA.ppt


CKM clock board cost: LDC_Orca_rev1_PartsList.xls

CKM ADC/QIE files: CKM2DesignProposal.doc, CKMDesign3.doc

CKM DAQ files: CKM_DAQ.doc



CKM DAQ Picture: CKMBigPic.pdf

Data Source: datasource.ppt


Triplet Finder: TTF.ppt, linefinder.ppt, TTF_lecc2004p-v3.pdf

Pixel Switching: BTeVswL1.ppt, BTeVCpic.ppt, L1jul2004.ppt, L1june2004.ppt



TDC:               (abstract and summary: tdc1s.doc, tdc1s.pdf,

paper: tdc1CR.doc, PID26522.pdf,

talk: tdc1_NSS03.ppt,

compiled report: test8a.rpt)

Hash Sorter:    (abstract and summary: hashsort1s.doc, hashsort1s.pdf

paper: harshsort1CR.doc, PID26561.pdf,

poster: hashsort_NSS03.ppt)



Phase sensitivity of Commercial ADC: Phase1.pdf



Current Knowledge on CKM Front-end Electronics (ckm_elec03.ppt, ckm_elec03.pdf)

Source Files:


·       M. Bowden, (ckm_slp.ppt)

·       R. Tschirhart, (CKM_61.pdf)

·       J. Wu, et. al., (dformat.ppt, dformat2.ppt, tdc1.ppt)

·       S. Hansen, (CKM_VVSbase.ppt, CKM_RICH16chan.ppt)

·       K. Bowie, (QIE_Jlab_Electronics.pdf, qie_fe3.jpg)

·       B. Haynes, (CKM_TDC1.ppt, CKM_TDC.ppt, Colink.doc)

·       A. Inyakin, (qie_rep.pdf)

·       Z. Shi et. al., (AD6644_3.ppt, AD6644.ppt)

·       K. Nelson, (dqie.pdf, umspreamp.pdf)

·       M. Kozlovsky (ckm_DMS.pdf)





-                     Comadc Schematics.

-                     Comadc Layout

-                     Talk0802ckm

-                     Talk0802ckm.pdf


Zonghan Shi’s talk about COMADC

Low cost TDC with FPGA talk


Layout details:





Bill Haynes’ talk about TDC


Buffer Manager (


Buffman.pdf (July, 2003)