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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2013-2014
Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are more technical; Green titles are less technical.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
04 Sep 2013            
11 Sep 2013 Tom Diehl
The Dark Energy Survey P. Lebrun Abstract PDF Video
18 Sep 2013 Slava G. Turyshev
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Testing Fundamental Gravitation in Space and the Nature of the Pioneer Anomaly P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
25 Sep 2013 Colin Williams
D-Wave Systems, Inc.
D-Wave's Approach to Quantum Computing V. Scarpine Abstract   Video
2 Oct 2013 No Colloquium Special Wine & Cheese Seminar        
9 Oct 2013 Scott Willenbrock
University of Illinois, Champaign
Zero-net-energy houses: something old, something new P. Fox Abstract PPT Video
16 Oct 2013            
23 Oct 2013 Chris Hill
What is the Higgs telling us? P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
30 Oct 2013 Lance Cooley
Superconductivity and the Environment: A Roadmap G. Ambrosio Abstract PPTX Video
7 Nov 2013 Bruce Schneier
Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School
Surviving in a Feudal Security World E. Prebys Abstract   Video
13 Nov 2013 Eszter Hargittai - CANCELED
Northwestern University
Rescheduled for April 2, 2014 C. Quigg Abstract    
20 Nov 2013 Gerald Gabrielse
Harvard University
Testing the Symmetries and Most Precise Prediction of the Standard Model with a Single Particle or Antiparticle C. Quigg   PPT Video
27 Nov 2013 Thanksgiving
No Colloquium
4 Dec 2013 Charles Ferguson
Federation of American Scientists
The Japan nuclear crisis and implications for the U.S. and the world
P. Bhat Abstract    
11 Dec 2013            
18 Dec 2013 Hitoshi Murayama
University of California, Berkeley
Toward International Linear Collider D. Denisov Abstract   Video
25 Dec 2013 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
1 Jan 2014 New Year's Holiday No Colloquium        
8 Jan 2014            
15 Jan 2014            
22 Jan 2014            
29 Jan 2014 Robert Byer
Stanford University
Laser Accelerator on a Chip (>300MeV/m): A path to TeV Energy Scale Physics T. Sen Abstract PDF Video
5 Feb 2014 Robert Kleinberg
Schlumberger-Doll Research
Science & Technology of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Production P. Lebrun Abstract PPTX Video
12 Feb 2014 Sally Dawson
Brookhaven National Laboratory
What is the energy scale beyond 1 TeV? C. Quigg Abstract PDF Video
18 Feb 2014 NEW DATE: SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM - Lucio Rossi
The High Luminosity LHC Project and Beyond G. Ambrosio Abstract PPTX Video
19 Feb 2014 NO COLLOQUIUM - DOE REVIEW          
26 Feb 2014 NO COLLOQUIUM          
5 March 2014 Duncan Brown
Syracuse University
Gravitational-waves: A new frontier in astrophysics C. Stoughton Abstract PDF Video
12 Mar 2014 NO COLLOQUIUM          
19 Mar 2014 George Zweig
Concrete quarks - the beginning of the end C. Quigg Abstract PDF Video
26 Mar 2014 NO COLLOQUIUM - DES-LSST Meeting          
2 Apr 2014 Eszter Hargittai
Northwestern University
Connected, but Confused? How People's Internet Skills Influence What They Do - and Do Not Do - Online C. Quigg Abstract   Video
9 Apr 2014            
16 Apr 2014 No Colloquium - Edward Tufte Short Course          
23 Apr 2014 Greg Engel
University of Chicago
Probing Design Principles of Energy Transfer in Photosynthetic and Biomimetic Systems T. Sen Abstract    
30 April 2014 Wick Haxton
UC Berkeley
The Nuclear Physics of Direct Dark Matter Detection P. Fox Abstract    
7 May 2014 Calab Scharf
Columbia University
Epic Astrobiology V. Scarpine Abstract    
14 May 2014 TBA TBA R. Lipton      
21 May 2014 Bill Colglazier
Science Advisor to the Secretary of State
TBA P. Bhat      
28 May 2014 TBA TBA P. Bhat      
4 Jun 2014 Hanatao Ji
Princeton University
Laboratory Study of Angular Momentum Transport in Astrophysical Accretion Disks P. Lebrun Abstract    
11 Jun 2014 NO COLLOQUIUM - USER'S MEETING          
18 June 2014 Edward Moses
TBA P. Lebrun      
25 June 2014            
2 Jul 2014 Independence Day - No Colloquium          
9 Jul 2014            
16 Jul 2014            
23 Jul 2014 James Welsh
NIU Institute for Neutron Therapy at Fermilab
TBA P. Lebrun      
30 Jul 2014 TBA TBA B. Klima      
6 Aug 2014 Mark Anastasio
Washington University, St. Louis
Recent Advances in Bio-Imaging T. Sen      
13 Aug 2014 TBA TBA C. Quigg      
20 Aug 2014 TBA TBA C. Quigg      
27 Aug 2014            

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