Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2003-2004

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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2003-2004

Orange titles are specialized; Green titles are general interest.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
Sep 3 Eric Heller
Harvard University
The Science and Art of Electron Flow in Two Dimensional Electron Gasses A. Kronfeld
M. Albrow
Download None None
Sep 10 Arlene Lennox
Hadron Therapy for Cancer Treatment M. Albrow Download None Video
Sep 17 Al Mueller
Columbia University
Diffraction and Small-x Physics M. Albrow Download None Video
Sep 24 Paul Steinhardt
Princeton University
The Endless Universe M. Albrow Download ppt Video
Oct 1 No Colloquium          
Oct 8 Noam Chomsky
The Aftermath of September 11 R. Raja Download ppt Video
Oct 15 J. Murray Gibson
Argonne National Lab
Physics of the Blues: Music, Fourier and Wave-Particle Duality M. Albrow Download ppt Video
Oct 22 Mark Adams
Case-Western Reserve
Genomics: Looking at Life in New Ways R. Carrigan Download ppt Video
Oct 29 Martin Elvis
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Solving Quasars (Part 1) C. Stoughton Download ppt Video
Nov 5 Michael Lesk
Rutgers University
Everything Digital: Converting the World in 2 Exabytes R. Carrigan Download None Video
Nov 12 Andrei Linde
Stanford University
Inflation, Dark Energy and the Fate of the Universe J. Beacom Download None video
Nov 19 Christian de Duve
Rockefeller University and Christian de Duve Institute of Cellular Pathology
Singularities in the Origin and Evolution of Life R. Carrigan Download pdf Video
Nov 26 Thanksgiving No Colloquium        
Dec 3 Juan Collar
University of Chicago
Low-Background Detector Development at EFI: WIMPs, Axions, Neutrinos and Other Sneaky Beasts J. Beacom Download ppt video
Dec 10 John Campbell
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Rutherford, Maestro of the Atom A. Kronfeld Download pdf video
Dec 17 Ian Shipsey
Purdue University
Bringing Hearing to the Deaf
Cochlear Implants: A Technical and Personal Account
A. Kronfeld Download ppt video
Dec 24 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
Dec 31 New Year's Holiday No Colloquium        
Jan 7 Chris Morris
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Charged Particle Radiography R. Raja Download None video
Jan 14 Hector Rubinstein
Stockholm University
Magnetic Fields in the Early Universe M. Albrow Download ppt video
Jan 21 George Gollin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Buying a PhD from a University That Doesn't Exist A. Kronfeld Download None None
Jan 28 Dan Green
Physics at CMS M. Albrow Download ppt video
Feb 4 Kerry Magruder
University of Oklahoma
The Works of Galileo, A Guided Tour A. Boehnlein Download None None
Feb 11 Steven Van Sciver
Florida State University
Superfluid Helium from the Macroscopic to the Microscopic M. Albrow Download ppt video
Feb 18 J. D. Bjorken
The Classification of Universes M. Albrow and R. Carrigan Download pdf video
Feb 25 Spencer Wells
National Geographic Society
The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey R. Raja Download ppt video
Mar 3 Achim Richter
Darmstadt University
Playing Billiards with Microwaves: Quantum Manifestations of Classical Chaos R. Carrigan Download pdf video
Mar 10 Philip Phillips
University of Illinois
The Full Mottness: Asymptotic Slavery J. Nachtman Download pdf video
Mar 17 Ajit Varki
U of California-San Diego
Genetic Differences Between Great Apes and Humans: Implications for Human Evolution R. Carrigan Download ppt video
Mar 24 Leon Lederman
Director Emeritus-Fermilab
Progress and the Lack Thereof in the Reform of US Science Education (Neither have we found Higgs or the Theory of Everything!) K. Burkett Download pdf video
Mar 31 Richard I. Cook
University of Chicago
Operating at the Sharp End: Accidents and Human Error in Complex Systems M. Albrow and S. Tkaczyk Download pdf video
Apr 7 Glover Ferguson
Accenture Technology Labs
Reality Online: Intelligent Objects, the Democratization of Technology and the "Next Big Thing" E. James Download ppt video
Apr 14 Victor Suller
Louisiana State University
Synchrotron Radiation Sources M. Albrow Download PPT Video
Apr 21 Adolf Witt
University of Toledo
Photoluminescence by Interstellar Nanoparticles E. James Download pdf video
Apr 28 Chris Quigg
The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics M. Albrow Download pdf video
May 5 Doug Hofstadter
Indiana University
How Analogy Drives Physics K. Burkett Download None video
May 12 David DeMille
Yale University
Tabletop Probes for TeV Physics: Searches for Electric Dipole Moments of Elementary Particles J. Beacom Download ppt video
May 19 Mark Strikman
Penn State University
Looking Forward in QCD M. Albrow Download pdf video
May 26 Gary Sanders
California Institute of Technology
Managing Big Science Projects: Avoiding the Near Death Experience R. Kephart Download ppt video
Jun 2 No Colloquium - Users Meeting          
Jun 9 Christopher Martin
California Institute of Technology
The Galaxy Evolution Explorer: Results from the First Year J. Beacom Download ppt video
Jun 16 Doug Osheroff
Stanford University
Understanding the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident R. Erbacher and J. Nachtman Download ppt video
Jun 23 Kenneth Wilson
The Ohio State University
The Origins of Lattice Gauge Theory A. Kronfeld Download ppt video
Jun 30 Patrick Le Du
Using HEP Technology to Fight Cancer M. Albrow Download PPT Video
Jul 7 R. Carrigan
100 Years of Science M. Albrow Download ppt Video
Jul 14 Rusi Taleyarkhan
Purdue University
Observation of Nuclear Fusion in Sonoluminescence R. Raja Download PDF Video
Jul 21

Jim Baller
Baller Herbst Law Group

Bringing "True" Broadband to America G.P. Yeh/M. Albrow Download ppt Video
Jul 28 Mel Shochet
University of Chicago
The Top Quark: Past, Present and Future M. Albrow Download PDF Video
Aug 4            
Aug 11            
Aug 18 Dan Wallach
Rice University
The Risks of Electronic Voting A. Boehnlein Download PDF Video
Aug 25 Ed Seidel
Enabling Science and Engineering Applications on the Grid A. Boehnlein Download PPT Video

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