Fermilab Past Colloquia


1997 - 1998


   Date             Speaker/Inst.                   Title                                        Host                                 


    Sept.     3           W.   Purcell                         Antimatter in the Galaxy:  Positron        M.   Spiropulu

                   Ball Aerospace            Production Annihilation Processes
                   & Technologies Corp

    Sept.  10


    Sept.  17


    Sept.  24           G.    Shenoy                         7-GeV Advance Photon Source               P.    Bhat



    Oct.      1


    Oct.      8           M.   Skrutskie                      Two-Micron All Sky-Survey (2MASS)  D.    Carey

                   U of Massachusetts


    Oct.    15           D.    Larbalestier                 Applictions of High Temperature           H.    Glass

                   U of Wisconsin           Superconductors:  Obstacles
                   & Operturnities


    Oct.    22


    Oct.    29           G.    Zweig                           Listening to the Ear                                  P.    Bhat



    Nov.     5           E.    Paschos                        Medieval Astronomy:  Analysis of         A.    Kronfeld

                                      U of Dortmund                   Byzantine Astronomy from 1300 A.D.


    Nov.   12


    Nov.   19           C.    Hill                               A Breif History of Mass                          A.    Kronfeld



    Nov.   26           Thanksgiving Eve Holiday


    Dec.     3


    Dec.   10           C.    Kouveliotou                A New Era in Gamma-Ray Bursts           M.   Albrow



    Dec.   17           D.    DiVincenzo                 Quantum Computation                             A.    Kronfeld

                   IBM Research


    Dec.   24           Christmas Eve Holiday


    Dec.   31           New Years Eve Holiday


    Jan.       7           W.   Louis                            Neutrino Oscillations and the                  M.   Spiropulu

                   LANL         Determination of the Leptonic CKM
                   Matrix Elements


    Jan.    14           T.    Economou                   Pathfinder Mission to Mars                     E.    Berman

                   U of Chicago                First Returned Results


    Jan.    21           L.    Beranek                        Concert & Opera Halls                            D     Carey

                   MIT            How They Sound


    Jan.    28           D.    Hitlin                            BABAR:  Current Status & Future          A.    Kronfeld

                   Caltech      Prospects


    Feb.      4           J.     Widom                         Biophysical Studies of Chromosomes:  P.    Bhat

                   Northwestern U           Structure & Function of DNA,
                   from Angstroms to Meters


    Feb.    11           A.    Forest                           Science & Religion:  A Warming Trend D.    Carey



    Feb.    18           R.    Thornhill                      Symmetry & Sex                                       A.    Kronfeld

                   U of New Mexico


    Feb.    25           M.   Blume                          Physical Review & Physics Publishing: A.    Kronfeld

                   APS & BNL                 Where We Were & Where We're Going


    Mar.     4           R.    Siemann                       Lasers, Plasmas, & mm-Waves               P.    Hanlet



    Mar.   11           T.    Totsuka                        Recent Atmospheric & Solar Neutrino  H     Glass

                   U of Tokyo                   Results from Super Kamiokande


    Mar.   18           P.    Galison                        Image & Logic:  A Material Culture       M.   Spiropulu

                   Harvard U  of Microphysics


    Mar.   25           K.    Rubin                            The Solving of Fermat's Last Theorem   D.    Carey

                   Stanford U


    Apr.      1


    Apr.      8           J.     Moore                          The Mysterious Moons of Jupiter as      D.    Carey

                   NASA         Revealed by Galileo


    Apr.    15           G.    Consolmagno              Visitors from Anoher World:                  E.    Berman

                   Vatican Observatory    Searching for Meteorites in Antarctica


    Apr.    22           E.    Zimmer                        CANCELLED

                                      Smithsonian Inst.


    Apr.    29           E.    Simmons                      Why is This Quark Different                   A.    Kronfeld

                                      Boston U                             from All Other Quarks?


    May      6           G.    Olson                           Materials for the 3rd Millenium:            A.    Pla-Dalmau

                   Northwestern U           Quantumseel Meets Frankensteel


    May   13           D.    Kleppner                      Bose-Einstein Condensates                     M.   Spiropulu



    May   20           A.    Tollestrup                    Twenty Years of CDF                               M.   Albrow



    May   27           N.    Gershenfeld                 Molecular Quantum Computation           M.   Spiropulu



    Jun.      3           P.    Cvitanovic'                   Periodic Orbit Theory                              A.    Kronfeld

                   Northwestern U


    Jun.    10           G.    Feldman                       New Approaches to Statistics                  M.   Spiropulu

                   Harvard U


    Jun.    17           N.    Cason                           Exotic Meson Spectroscopy:                  H.    Glass

                                      Notre Dame                        Where's the Glue?


    Jun.    24


    Jul.       1           W.   Moses                          Detector Development for Nuclear        A.    Pla-Dalmau

                   LBL            Medical Imaging of Breast Cancer


    Jul.       8           H.    Yamamoto                   Closing in on CP Violation in                 M.   Spiropulu

                   Harvard U  B Decays


    Jul.     15           J.     Learned                        The Discovery of Neutrino                      M.   Albrow

                   U Hawaii    Oscillations & Mass in SuperKamiokande


    Jul.     22


    Jul.     29


    Aug.     5


    Aug.   12


    Aug.   19           D.    Sramek                         Radio Astronomy & Astronomical         H.    Glass

                   Nat.'l Radio                  Imaging at the VLA Astronomy


    Aug.   26           J.     Conrad                         Review of Neutrino Oscillation              H.    Glass

                   Columbia U                  Experiments


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