Fermilab Past Colloquia

1999 – 2000


   Date             Speaker/Inst.                   Title                                                             Host            


    Sept.    1


    Sept.    8           P.   Zerwas                                 Linear Collider Physics with High Luminosity        A.    Kronfeld



    Sept.  15


    Sept.  22           A.   Buras                                    CP Violation & Rare K & B Decays at the End        A.    Kronfeld

                                     Technical U/Fermilab               of the Millennium


    Sept.  29           N.   Cabibbo                               Hyperon Physics & Much More

                                     U of Rome                                 (Hyperon99 Final/Fermilab Colloquium)


    Oct.      6           B.   Yanny                                   What Comes Next in this Series:  0, B, A, F, G,       D.    Carey

                                     Fermilab                                     K, M, …. or  A New Type of Star:  The Free

                                                                                         Floating T-Dwarf


    Oct.   13           W.  Freedman                             The Hubble Space Telescope Key Project to            D.    Carey

                                     Carnegie Observatories            Measure the Hubble Constant


    Oct.   20           D.   Stahl                                     Diversity of Life:  The Microbial Dimension           M.   Albrow

                                     Northwestern U


    Oct.   27


    Nov.     3           Z.   Zheng                                   Ten Years of BEPC/BES



    Nov.   10           P.   Lepage                                 QCD on a Laptop:  The Fall & Rise of Lattice          A.    Kronfeld

                                     Cornell U                                   QCD


    Nov.   17


    Nov.   24           Happy Thanksgiving



    Dec.     1


    Dec.     8


    Dec.   15


    Dec.   22           Christmas Holidays


    Dec.   29           Christmas Holidays


    Jan.      5


    Jan.    12           A.   Olinto                                  The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays                              D.    Carey

                                     U of Chicago


    Jan.    19           L.   Newman                               Who would wish for the trauma?:                               D.    Carey

                                     U of Chicago                              Explaining UFO abduction memories


    Jan.    26           H.   Tananbaum                           Early Results from the Chandra X-ray                       H.    Glass

                                     Harvard-Smithsonian                 Observatory


    Feb.      2           J.    Nagle                                   Why RHIC won’t make Long Island Disappear         D.    Carey

                                     Nevis Laboratories                    into a Black Hole


    Feb.      9


    Feb.   16           R.   Canup                                   The Origin of the Earth-Moon System                      D.    Carey

                                     Southwest Research Inst.


    Feb.   23           A.   Falk                                      Unraveling the Mystery of Flavor                              A.    Kronfeld

                                     Johns Hopkins U


    Mar.     1          


    Mar.     8           W.  Happer                                 Nuclear Spin Polarization, Lasers &                          A.    Kronfeld

                                     Princeton U                                Lung Imaging


    Mar.   15           S.    Carroll                                 The Accelerating Universe:  Enigmas                        M.   Spiropulu

                                     U of Chicago                              and Nostrums


    Mar.   22           T.    Bhattacharya                        Tracing the Origins of HIV                                         H.    Glass

                                     Los Alamos Nat.’l Lab.


    Mar.   29           G.   de Nolfo                              Cosmic Ray Radioactive Isotopes:  The                   

                                     Caltech                                       ISOMAX Experiment


    Apr.      5           W.  Pitman                                 A Catastrophic Flooding of the Black Sea:  Was      A.    Kronfeld

                                     Columbia U                                This the Cause of a Great Diaspora and the

                                                                                         Source of Flood Legends?


    Apr.   12           J.    Miller                                  Scientific Literacy and the Communication of         E.    Berman

                                     Northwestern U                         Scientific Information


    Apr.   19


    Apr.   26           A.   Hobson                                The Dreaming Brain:  Recent Neuropsychological  E.    Berman

                                     Harvard Medical School           Evidence


    May     3           R.   Mir, SciTech & Fermilab   Science as a Vehicle for Peace                                  A.    Kronfeld

                              Q.   Abdul-Jaber, Al Quds U


    May   10           E.   Raymond                             The Open Source Revolution:  How Software          E.    Berman

                                     Open Source Initiative              Engineering Might Finally Grow Up


    May   17           H.   Edwards                               How Public Key Cryptography                                   D.    Carey

                                     New York U                               Transformed Number Theory from the

                                                                                         Purest of Pure Mathematics to the Hottest

                                                                                         of Applied Mathematics


    May   24          


    May   31           F.    Wilczek                               QCD in Extreme Conditions                                       A.    Kronfeld

                                     Inst. For Advanced Study                                                        Abstract


    Jun.      7           L.   Krauss                                  Life, The Universe, & Nothing:                                 M.   Albrow

                                      Case Western Reserve U   The Future of Life in an Ever Expanding 
                                                                                     Universe                                   Abstract

    Jun.    14           A.   Milsztajn                             Latest Results from the EROS Microlensing           A.    Kronfeld

                                      DAPNIA-SPP                    Search for Dark Matter:  Not Enough
                                                                                    Stellar Mass Machos in the Galactic Halo 


    Jun.    21           D.   Jin                                        A Quantum Degenerate Fermi Gas                             D.    Carey

                                     U of Colorado                            of Atoms                              Abstract


    Jun.    28           L.   Monteagudo                        The Challenge of Improving Mathematics                 A.    Kronfeld

                                     TAMS                                         and Science                          Abstract


    Jul.       5           S.    Yonkauski                            Land Issues For Future Illinois Accelerators:           J.     Lach

                                     State of Illinois                          The SSC Experience           Abstract



    Jul.     12           A.   Nathan                                  Baseball:  It’s Not Nuclear Physics (Or is it?)          H.    Glass

                                      U of Illinois                                                                          Abstract


    Jul.     19           B.   Austin                                  After the Genome:  What can Physicists do             A.    Kronfeld

                                     Princeton U                                for Biology?                        Abstract


    Jul.     26


    Aug.     2


    Aug.   16


    Aug.   23           J.    Sadock                                 Vanishing Languages of the World                            D.    Carey

                                     U of Chicago                                                                            Abstract


    Aug.   30


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