Detector Development & Operations Department

Scintillation Detector Development

Team Lead: Anna Pla-Dalmau

Plastic scintillation detectors are utilized in many high energy physics experiments to detect and study sub-atomic particles.  As a particle moves through the detector, it excites the scintillating material which gives off the excess energy as light.  This light is then collected and converted into an electrical signal using a photomultiplier tube.  Analysis of this signal provides information about the incident radiation.

The Scintillation Detector Development group at Fermilab focuses its research on the development and enhancement of plastic scintillation detector technology.  One area of interest is the understanding of radiation induced damage to plastic scintillators and wavelength shifting fibers.  Another important aspect of our work is to help experimenters with the characterization of the detector materials, including fibers, strips, connectors, and optical greases.  The SDD group at Fermilab is currently working in the development of extruded plastic scintillators in an effort to make low-cost, high-quality scintillating materials for very large detectors.

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Instructions for Using the Lab 6 PPD-TC CAMAC Teststand

Extruder Layout 4-8-2009

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