BTeV Level 1 Trigger Movie


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Table of Contents

Title page


Plan view of the BTeV detector in the C0 interaction region

Plan view with explanatory text

Animated view of BTeV

Simulated event in the vertex detector

A closer look at the tracking stations

Two planes per tracking station

Compressing by a factor of 10

Remove pixel planes to show the pixel hits

Rotate and look along the beam direction

Define the beam region

Zoom in to look at the pixel hits

Hits in the bend view and non-bend view

Zoom out and remove the tracks

This marks the start of the trigger

Remove hits from the non-bend view

Define inner and outer regions

Show selected hits

Show inner doublets

Show outer doublets

Rotate back to side view

Number of track candidates is less than the number of hits

Require a confirming third hit

Show inner and outer triplets

Rotate to the non-bend view

Two fake tracks disappear

Introduce hits from the non-bend view

Schematic view of the pixel detector and trigger


Author: Erik Gottschalk