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January 30 & 31, 2014 ICFANPMW14 ICFA Neutrino Panel Mini-Workshop
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    S. Geer, Fermilab
    G. Geller, Fermilab
February 2-4, 2014 LBNE14 LBNE Collaboration Meeting
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    M. Goodman, Argonne
March 19-22, 2014 AARM14 Assay and Acquistion of Radiopure Materials Collaboration Meeting
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    P. Cushman, University of Minnesota
March 19-27, 2014 DES-LSST Joint DESS-LSST Workshop
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    S. Dodelson, Fermilab
    E. Geer, Fermilab
April 28-30, 2014 SATIF-12 12th International Meeting of the Task Force on Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    N. Mokhov, Fermilab
May 12-16, 2014 AWLC14 Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders 2014
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    Dimitri Denisov, Fermilab
    H. Weerts, Argonne

March 19, 2014




RaDIATE Collaboration Meeting

RaDIATE Damage in Accelerator Target Enviroments

    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    P. Hurh, Fermilab
May 20-23, 2014 HPT14 5th High Power Targetry Workshop
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    P. Hurh, Fermilab
May 27-31, 2014 MAPSS14 MAP Collaboration Meeting - Spring/Summer
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    M. Palmer, Fermilab
June 9 & 10, 2014 NP14 New Perspectives 2014 Conference
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    A. Norrick, College of Williams & Mary
June 11, 2014   User's Meeting Poster Session
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    A. Norrick, College of Williams & Mary
June 11 & 12, 2014   47th Fermilab Users Organization Annual Meeting
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    B.L. Roberts, Boston University
July 14-16, 2014 HOMs14 ICFA Workshop on High Order Modes in Superconducting Cavities
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    Vyacheslav Yakovlev, Fermilab
August 3-15, 2014 ISLC14 9th International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders
    TRIUMF - Vancouver, BC CANADA
    W. Chou, Fermilab
August 11-22, 2014 HCPSS14 Joint CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics School 2014
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    J. Campbell, Fermilab
    R. Cavanaugh, University of Illinois, Chicago
September 2014 NuSTEC14 Neutrino Scattering Theory Experiment Collaboration School 2014
5 or 10 Days   Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    J. Morfin, Fermilab
September 8-12, 2014 ITSF14 International Technical Safety Forum 2014
    Fermilab - Batavia, IL
    J. Anderson, Fermilab

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